Manisha Tele Sanchar Pvt. Ltd., under its business ethics, is committed to protect the dignity of the Customers/Dealers/Sole Selling Agent & to bring trust ship services in keeping privacy of name, address and telephone number which the customers/ dealers/sole selling agent shares with the company towards their identity.

The company under its policy will provide excellent customer service in the matter of its (the company) value of reputation about mobile phones.

The company’s moto is to create confidence among customers/ dealers/sole selling agent and develop faith to maintain privacy in the website which ever information customer wants to share with the company.

the company shall remain vigil so that their identity may not be disclosed and it (the company) shall allow the customers/ dealers/sole selling to utilize the website for their products. The company is vowed to undertake & to maintain safety, efficiency, smooth through its customized experience.

In case the customers/dealers/sole selling agent wants to make full use of website, it is mandatory to register in using the company’s online registration from which shall provide the information required for the purpose therein posted at the end of the policy/guidelines.

While customers/dealers/sole selling Agents places order online MTS has a unique system to put their information regarding personal identity and credit card into special code especially in order to stop people being able to look at or understand it by using SSL encryption technology before being communicated over the Internet through The company takes care customer/dealer/sole selling agent’s credit card information keeping under special code in data base that does not have any link with its (the company) web site data base which does not have connection with internet.

This shall help in keeping safe from hackers. It would be appreciated to please make available the copy of proof of identity, address and credit card at the time of delivery for verification to avoid in going to wrong hands.

In case these happens to encroach by any third party about intellectual property rights, other rights or commitment of fraud its (company) customer/dealer/sole selling agent which law enforcement authority needs any informations MTS would co-operate with the authority in order to help and protect its customer/dealer/sole agent from undesirable elements. On the criminal investigation or alleged illegal activity, MTS as per authorization granted by its customer/dealer/sole selling agent, shall disclose the available information regarding identity to law enforcement or officials of respective Govt. Deptt. only on written order of Court of Law to give witness.

MTS is committed to maintain its customer/dealer/sole selling agent dignity in respect of privacy and its (MTS) feels that the disclosure about the available status report of its customer/dealer/sole agent is necessary when there is imminent risk of business or financial loss. MTS has sole discretion to believe and appropriate with regard to an investigation of fraud/ intellectual property right, infringement or illegal activity. MTS under legal obligation and regulatory provisions is unable to give assurance that MTS may never dispense with information of its customer/dealer/sole selling agent in any ways as stated in this policy. MTS may be asked under certain circumstances by Government or third parties to provide information about personal status of its customer/dealer/sole selling agent who may be given to their knowledge that there is every chance of unlawful interception, accessibility to transmission or private communication and also probability of misuse or abuse of information of personal status of customer/dealer/sole selling by unscrupulous person who collect from the site. However, the customer/dealer/sole selling agent may not expect that their personal information status or private communication could always be remained under privacy.

There may be possibility of some unscrupulous persons in future may take advantage of the policy launched by MTS quite some times back in sending SMS message to mobile phone users deceitfully and falsely informing them about winning of huge amount of money from MTS for which claims be preferred through their particulars to or visit its (MTS) website. Customers/Dealer/Sole Selling may send their comments and question about MTS policy on contacting at

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