MTS was started with the view of bringing high quality leading edge technology mobile handsets and accessories to the Indian market.

Using our prowess in sourcing high quality mobile handsets at affordable prices. we have worked hard and Continuously strived to bring new innovative products to the Indian market before our peers, this simple belief of offering high quality handsets sowed the seeds for launching the MTS brand of handsets in Indian market. We believe that MTS Mobiles will come to symbolize the following

- Best in class quality
- Technologically innovative products
- Uniquely designed handsets

We have used our understanding of baseband technologies and partnership with the leading chipset designers and manufacturers to ensure that we provide leading edge technologies to our customers and partners. Allowing us to grow sales of MTS branded handsets at an exponential scale due to the superiority of our handsets comparatively to our peers. We have leveraged this close relationship with R&D houses to design handsets specially suited to the Indian consumers taste.

MTS is being driven by a management and sales team with a long history of in the mobile Industry who Understand the 3 most important foundations for a strong brand are;

1) High quality well designed products
2) Strong relationships with distributors
3) Prompt service to the consumer

with this understanding, the MTS team has made service a corner stone to the growth of the brand, with a view of having the best turnaround time in the industry for service.

It is our belief that in the coming time we can be the leading domestic handset manufacturer and supplier. In turn taking MTS to the pinnacle of the Indian mobile industry.

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